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The EVENTS page on our website is important for you if you are an event organizer or wish to attend any event. The INTERECTIVE page makes your search a pleasant experience which you usually miss on other websites.

If you are an event organizer

- Your events on our web page helps you to get more exposure through our website, people registered with subscription service get to know about your events - all without any cost.

- If you want to put ads of your events on our website, and/or daily or fortnightly newsletters - it costs you minimal, even some time we don't charge anything but ask some discounts for our clients. This in return can fetch you more delegates attending your event.

If you are a delegate/company and wish to participate in any listed events

- The webpage helps you to find the most suitable event for you or your company.

- In some cases, if you are our existing client or request us to register your delegates through us, we can arrange a good discount for delegates your company.

- If event organizers are also offering sponsorship or space for exhibition, we can secure a good deal for you.