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More American businesses are installing solar than ever before

Growth in the use of solar energy has surged 183 percent among America’s top companies in the four years since the first Solar Means Business report was published. The study released today by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) also shows a 59 percent growth in solar installations since just last year. For the fourth year in a row, Walmart ranked No.1 in the Solar Means Business report, which identifies major commercial solar projects and ranks top ... Continue reading

Author - SEIA   Company - SEIA   Date - December 1, 2015

Immediate impact of oil price fall – Industry goes for CAPEX cuts and laoffs

The oil prices have gone down sharply since August last year and most analysts expect the price to remain in the range of $55-$65 in 2015 as the market remains oversupplied. This sharp fall in crude oil prices has hugely impacted the budgets of the oil and gas companies globally. As a result of this, companies have cut their capex and also laying off employee in huge number.  Many companies have announced their planned investments for 2015 and it shows decrease... Continue reading

Author - Vinay Pawar   Date - February 27, 2015

Concentrated solar power (CSP) in India – Major Policy Push Required for Revival

India forayed into the concentrated solar power (CSP) space with a target of 470MW capacity in the first phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru solar mission (JNNSM). Seven projects were awarded in 2010 with a target deadline of March 2014. However, by the end of first phase, country only managed commissioning of 50MW, much below the target. As of December 2014, installed CSP capacity in the country increased to 200MW with the further commissioning of 100MW (+25 MW of reserv... Continue reading

Author - Gaurav Sharma   Date - February 13, 2015

Impact of Decline Crude Oil Prices on Solar PV Stocks

Solar PV Stocks Have Followed the Crude Oil Price Pattern Solar PV and crude oil are not direct substitutes to each other; however solar PV industry is losing shine with the international oil price plummeting to below $50/barrel. Generally, a high global crude oil price is a good factor for both oil and gas, and solar PV companies, but tide is not favorable at the moment. Plunging crude oil prices are shifting investor sentiment away from solar PV companies ... Continue reading

Date - January 27, 2015

Collapsing Crude Prices Set to Change Australia’s LNG Market

Summa​ry The plunge in crude oil prices has also led to a significant drop in global LNG prices. The Asian spot LNG price has dropped below $10 MMBTU from the highs of about $18-20 MMBTU. This significant drop in LNG prices will impact the under construction and planned LNG projects globally and specially the once in Australia which are already battling with high cost overrun. Australia LNG Overview The rapidly growing LNG demand and high... Continue reading

Author - Purushottam Uniyal   Date - January 21, 2015